What we Do and Don't Sell

At Wincanton Auctions we enjoy the enormous variety of items that come through our doors for sale, their history, quality, rarity, value and usefulness are all ingredients that guarantee to make every auction fun and interesting. 

However we do not accept, for various reasons, every item brought to us and the following is a guide as to the most common items that we must decline to accept. 

Exceptions are only made where the items are of the highest quality and in excellent/as new condition

  • Broken, Damaged or Dirty Items

  • Satellite / Sky Boxes & Dishes

  • Clothes & shoes except brand new with tags/boxes or haute couture

  • Soft Furnishings (curtains, bedding, cushions etc)

  • Children / Toddlers Items

  • Cassette or Videos (VHS) Players or tapes

  • DVD or Blu Ray Players unless surround sound systems

  • CRT Monitors / Televisions (old style with deep back)

  • Boxes of Bric-a-brac (assorted items)

  • MDF /Chip Board Items or Furniture 
  • Boxes of Books; unless special sets, rare, antique or collectable

  • Pictures, Paintings & Prints; unless singed ltd editions or listed artists or antique

  • Jewellery unless gold, silver or precious stones

  • Large items of furniture such as Sofas and Beds - please check before bringing to the saleroom.

  • Furniture with non fire resistant Upholstery accept antique subject to certain requirements - please check before bringing to the Saleroom

  • The porter/auction has absolute discretion to refuse items considered unsuitable for the sale. A full list of items that we cannot accept or should be approved before entry is detailed on our website. If items deemed unsuitable are delivered to the saleroom they may be disposed of without notice and charges may apply.


Items that are illegal for us to sell or we choose not to sell

Obviously if the items are illegal to possess in the first place we won't be keen to accept them in the Saleroom! However you may not know that there are a number of items that are legal to own, but not to sell or have complicated rules as to what is allowed. Click on each heading for more details

1. Ivory - We do not sell Ivory unless the item confirms to current Legislation and is Generally less than 10% of the item

2. Eggs - We do not sell Wild Bird Eggs

3. Endangered species - We do not sell items without an appropriate CITES certificate of Conformity

4. Fur - We do not sell animal fur items

5. Firearms and Deactivated Guns - We sell Deactivated Firearms with the new updated Deactivation Certificate

6. Knives, Swords and Sharp edged Weapons - We accepted pre 1954 Swords and Knives subject to certain legal criteria

7. Items with Asbestos (ie WW2 Gas Masks) - We do not accept any items containing Asbestos


The above should only be considered as a guide and is not exhaustive and is subject to changes to UK laws.