Please Read this important notice of what we do and don't accept


Sorry, but we do not normally accept the following items for auction;* 

  • Ivory accept under very specific UK rules
  • Furniture (post 1950) and Soft Furnishings without 'Carelessness Causes Fire' Labels - It is against UK law to sell these even if labels have been removed.
  • Guns and Firearms accept where they hold a new 'Certificate of Deactivation' from April 2017
  • Swords, Knives and Edged Weapons accept pre 1954 and satisfying UK laws
  • Any items that may contain Asbestos ie WW2 gasmasks, Vintage hair dryers, fires etc
  • Items of Fur
  • Wild Birds Eggs and items that may be protected under the CITES endangered Species regulations. 
  • Broken, Damaged or Dirty Items
  • Satellite / Sky Boxes & Dishes
  • Clothes & shoes except brand new with tags/boxes or haute couture*
  • Soft Furnishings (curtains, bedding, cushions etc)*
  • Children / Toddlers Items
  • Cassette or Videos (VHS) Players or tapes
  • DVD or Blu Ray Players unless surround sound systems*
  • CRT Monitors / Televisions (old style with deep back)
  • Chip Board or MDF Items or Furniture
  • Boxes of Bric-a-brac (assorted items)*
  • Boxes of Books; unless special sets, rare, antique or collectable
  • Pictures, Paintings & Prints; unless signed ltd editions or listed artists or antique
  • Jewellery unless gold, silver or precious stones*
  • Scrap Building Materials, Chemicals, Paints and the like

*Exceptions may only made where the items are of the highest quality and in excellent/as new condition

 LARGE ITEMS OF FURNITURE – SOFA’s, BEDS, DINING ROOM FURNITURE ETC – NO RESERVE POLICY and ACCEPTABLE CONDITION POLICY *Exceptions are only made where the items are of the highest quality and in excellent/as new condition or quality antiques.

Large items of used furniture will not generally be accepted with reserves due to the amount of warehouse space required, staff required to move and assemble etc and will be advertised as sold without reserve to the highest bidder at the auctioneer’s discretion.

Modern sofas, Divan Beds and Mattresses are not normally acceptable for auction.

In ALL instances furniture must be clean and unstained, without rips, tears or other damages and free from odours/pet smells etc. It is for the customer to guarantee that furniture meets these criteria before bringing or arranging delivery. Failure to meet these criteria will result in the furniture being rejected from the auction and returned or disposed of at the owner’s expense.