Never been to an auction before? Here’s how it works…
Buying from an auction can be exciting and lots of fun with the chance to buy items at great prices as well as rare, unusual and interesting things.

There’s nothing complicated about buying at auction, however to make sure the process is as straightforward as possible, we’ll take you through everything you need to know in this guide.

So, first things first, what do we auction? We auction nearly anything it is legal to sell with the exception of certain items that are protected or dangerous or that we deem unfit for auction due to their condition or low value. An overview of items we cannot accept is detailed here.


Otherwise our auctions will typically include;

  •  Antiques and Collectables such as coins and stamps
  •  Electrical items such as TV’s, Computers and Music systems
  •  Plant & Machinery
  •  Catering Equipment
  •  Power tools
  •  Luxury goods; Jewellery, gold, watches, handbags and designer goods
  •  General items, e.g. bicycles, white goods, household goods and furniture
  • Cars, Motorcycles,

Viewing Prior To Auction

If you’re interested in buying an item, we always advise that you view it prior to auction. Viewings are usually the two days before the auction takes place and on the day of auction. All items are sold as seen, as explained in our terms and conditions of sale

Ways to Bid

We try to make the auction process as accessible as possible. We understand that you may not always be available to come to our physical auctions and that is why we provide multiple ways to bid;

At the Saleroom

We find the most exhilarating way to bid is to physically be in the auction where there can be a great buzz of excitement and a lot of fun.


Our website gives you the ability to listen to the auction in real time and bid live using your smartphone, tablet or computer. You will need to create and account and register for the auction before you can bid. Once created you can leave ‘autobids’ where the system will bid for you during the auction up to a maximum amount you specify.